Coming soon - big update 2.0

We're working on a big update. It will bring a new design, features and responsive version.

v 1.11 beta (24/04/2018)

New - Active task count in project and project list
New - Save after clicking on enter in inline editing
New - Time zone change and automatic detection when signing up
New - Fully english translation
New -  Change category and tags without project refreshing

v 1.10 beta (03/04/2018)

New - Inline text editing and background saving for: tasks, activities, and time recording
New - Quick change of dates for tasks
Bug - Fixed error with random logout

v 1.09 beta (21/03/2018)

New - Shared task list and adding tasks without a project
New - Ability to export and print jobs with the date and task state
New - Project name and link in notes
Bug - Fixed bugs

v 1.08 beta (08/03/2018)

New - Task Management System
Bug - Fixed bugs and speed improvements

v 1.07 beta (01/03/2018)

New - Time tracker
Bug - Fixed bugs and speed improvements

v 1.06 beta (23/02/2018)

New - The ability to add longer notes to clients
Bug - Optimized UI for smaller laptops

v 1.05 beta (16/02/2018)

New - You can add a new tag directly from your project page
New - Arrow button when adding a new project
Bug - Fixed popover closing
Bug - Align text in category and tag list to center

v 1.04 beta (02/02/2018)

New - Data export to excel, pdf, csv and copy - paste (Ctrl + c) with filter selection
New - Advanced table for projects (filters, search, sorting)
New - Click on email icon will open email in the default OS application
New - Click on map icon redirect to google maps with address location
New - Click on the phone icon initiates the phone app
UX - The text trimming with ellipsis
UX - New profile settings menu
UX - redesign of the login page

v 1.03 beta (30/01/2018)

Bug - Fixes an error with calculating project count for tags
UX - Add Tooltips
UX - Adding placeholders to blank inputs

v 1.02 beta (26/01/2018)

Launch the first version for testers on an invitation

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