September 21, 2018

Looking for the right CRM for a freelancer? Here's our pick!

As a freelancer, you simply need to have a good CRM that fits your needs and provides you with great experience.

Looking for the right CRM is like looking for a partner, it takes time and it's a process. But once you find the right match, it works like magic and can boost your business exponentially. That's when we come in and help you shorten the process because we've been through it and we know how it sucks when you're stuck with unfitting CRMs. On the other hand, we also know the chills you get when you find the one and only.

Here's a preview of CRMs that might fit your freelancing needs.

Capsule CRM

Capsule is often the first pick of many freelancers. It's available, although in a very stripped-down form, for free. Until you hit 10MB of storage of the 250-contact database limit.

Capsule is great for its essential CRM functionality – contact management, pipeline reporting, and email tracking. The reason why freelancers love it is the variety offered in the context of integration with third-party applications - tools such as Xero, FreshBooks, and Mailchimp can be easily integrated which results into a better workflow and a basic level of work automation. The price for the ”Professional” plan gets you 2GB of storage and 50,000 contacts for $12 per user/month. Which is a fair price if you are able to use the integrations.


Big Contacts

The next CRM does a smooth job when it comes to contact management. Although the basic version is very limited, many freelancers fall in love with Big Contacts because it also provides several marketing features. Unfornutalely, if you truly want to see the potential of this CRM, you will need to opt-in for the paid package which costs $15 per user/month and gives you enough storage for just about 10,000 contacts.

Importing contacts into the system is super easy, you can use spreadsheets but also capture leads by scanning their business cards or using web forms. Big Contacts also does a fine job by automating simple tasks around the imported contacts. So if you're looking for something ”just a bit more” than a CRM, the paid plan should be a fair deal for you if you want to have a leverage over your database.



This CRM is just a little different than any other tool on this list. Rather than being a stand-alone tool, Streak is a Google Chrome extension. This comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Being an extension means that you must be using Chrome to use Streak, which on the other hand is great for the lestt tech savvy freelancers who love to work with Google's G Suite.

For others, Streak might not be so different to other CRMs. You can use Streak to track the emails you send from Gmail and if you're using Google Contacts, you will be happy to find out that everything will be automatically imported into the system. Streak's lite package is enough for beginning freelancers who are in need of a decent CRM but don't want to spend a coin or so on other solutions.



Freelancers love Daylite because of the details and in-depth information the CRM provides them with when it comes to contacts. For each of the contacts, you can add previously exchanged communications, call notes, upcoming appointments, task or follow-up. Other than that, Daylite offers a nice layer of project management features and also basic marketing management. What is very strange about Daylite is that it is only available for Mac users and if you're not a Macintosh fan you will need to look somewhere else.



Are you using social media to generate leads and close sales? Then Nimble is the right choice for you as it provides freelancers with great social media features such as importing contacts from a number of social networks. What's more, Nimble can also replace your typical social media management automation tools such as Hootsuite because you can schedule and share posts on different social media right from the CRM.

Add typical CRM advantages on top of that, a nice starting price of  $9 per user/month, and you have CRM that can help you effectively scale your business.


The best part of Zoho is that you get a massive amount of contacts with its cheapest paid plan. Exactly 100,000 contacts for $12 per user/month. For this price, you get sales forecasting, emailing, reporting, lead scoring and a relatively well organized dashboard with quick insights. For a higher tier, you get social CRM features that can be comparable to Nimble and some more integrations. If you choose a paid plan, you can't go wrong with Zoho as it is a nice CRM that can make your workflow more efficient.



Okay, you've seen the market and now, have a look at how we imagine a good CRM.

Because we previously worked with many CRMs and always found something that made our life less efficient or put barriers into our workflow, we decided to connect CRM features with project management benefits and created a tool of our own purely for freelancers – Evidme.

Do you know what's the problem with 90% of CRMs?

They're too complicated. The onboarding is hectic, chaotic and the user experience just doesn't make sense sometimes.

What we aim to do with Evidme is to get to the core of CRM features and smartly connect them to project management so that you have your pool of contacts and all of the project you're working on in one centralized tool.

Here's what Evidme is brilliant at:

  • Super quick creation of contacts and projects
  • Selection and quick search with tags and categories
  • Track record of previous activities for every contact and project
  • Notes and documents for every client and project
  • Task and notifications
  • Reporting and time-tracking for every client and project

As you can see, Evidme covers the work of several tools. So instead of using a number of tools, you have only one which covers all of it. From reporting, to documenting, to project management, to meeting the deadline and reporting. We wanted to give freelancers an easy access to one simple tool which is not costly, complicated and requires a high level of technical skills.

If that sounds like a gift sent from heaven, it's not. You can get Evidme right away here and test if for yourself.

What's more, because most of us freelanced at some point in our life, the freelancers that use Evidme can influence the development and the future features. That's one more thing that makes using Evidme different.




We hope you like our preview of what we think are the best CRMs on the market right now. Also, if you give Evidme a shot, we would really appreciate it. We're open to any type of feedback and if you have any tips & tricks to share or would like to cooperate with us, just shoot us an e-mail.

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