Project and Client Management Tool 
for Freelancers

New client is like a new project for you. Why use a complicated system for corporations?
Evidme is a fast and simple solution for freelancers.

Focus on clients

Being productive means focusing on just one thing. For freelancers, it's a client
or a project. Jumping from one client to the other causes chaos and stress.

Features that you will love 

or you did not even know that you would need them.

Everything is linked

Notes, tasks, time tracker, activities. You'll find what you did yesterday or last year and how much time you spent on a client.


Unlimited notes in a project with HTML editor.
Info about client/project right at the hand.

Categories and Tags

Simple and powerful. Don't you remember a name of your project? Mark it with tags or categories.


Write down the latest status of your client/project. So you will never forget about activities in the past.

Task list

Each project has its own task list. You also have a shared list of tasks for all projects.

More than 1000 freelancers registered

We listen to your needs. And we'll try to do it the best we can. In the spirit of simplicity and productivity.
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